Richard Steele Magic | Corporate Magic
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Corporate Magic

Richard Steele

Create an Unforgettable EXPERIENCE

Imagine uncontrollable laughter, expressions of awe, and finally standing ovations, This is what you can expect from professional magician Richard Steele.

After years of consulting with meeting planners and corporate personnel Richard realizes that no two events are exactly alike. They each have their own specific needs. Richard will work with you and your team to help make sure all of your objectives are met. Whether you need to make your CEO, guest of honor, or award recipient, MAGICALLY APPEAR, DISAPPEAR, or TRANSFORM, Richard will work with you and your team to help deliver the perfect corporate entertainment experience.


This is the perfect show to motivate, captivate, energize, and entertain your sales staff, employees or the management team. A unique blend of stage and stand up magic is seamlessly mixed with relevant topics such as teamwork, goal-setting, communication, positive thinking, creating business and sales opportunities, adapting to rapid change, overcoming adversity and more. This 45 minute show is customized to your group! And is a favorite among sales organizations world-wide.


The magic begins when Three different spectator’s thoughts are instantly revealed in a seemly impossible manner. Silverware, borrowed off the tables, visibly begins to warp, twist, melt, bend, and eventually break, with everything left for examination. The power of mind control is taken to new heights with a borrowed newspaper, predicting every spectator’s decision, before they even made them. Borrowed finger rings are linked, verified by their owners, and visibly unlinked in slow motion. Borrowed one dollar bills instantly transform into one hundred dollar bills just inches from the spectator. Borrowed coins begin to appear, multiply, change form and then eventually vanish altogether leaving the audience confused, amused and literally questioning the reality around them.


Words randomly selected out of well-known books are instantly captured from the minds of spectators across the room. Drawings are duplicated. A phone number is randomly selected from a directory containing hundreds of thousands of names, only to be found inside a sealed envelope sitting in front of the audience the entire time. Ending an act that will leave your audience talking about their experience for years to come.

More Info

World class magic

You’ll enjoy the same magic, mindreading and mentalism I’ve performed on Justin Bieber,  Bill Gates, Daryl Hannah, Green Day, Microsoft, Intel, Nabisco and many more.

Clean Humor

Tons of laughs, my humor is clean and appropriate for all audiences.

You will leave with smile on your face and your brain wondering HOW?

Jaw Dropping Fun change to Amazing Fun

International magician, mind reader and mentalist Richard Steele will laugh together in amazement. As the show will create memories for years to come.

100% guarantee

I always put my clients first. From the first point of contact, the show and beyond you will be delighted with the professionalism and presentation. I offer a 100% guarantee!

Strolling Magic, Mind reading and mentalism

Strolling from group to group helps you entertain both large and small crowds without needing a stage. Strolling magic, mindreading and mentalism is perfect for cocktail hours, hospitality suites, receptions, banquets, parties

In fact it is for anywhere where a formal show or presentation may not fit into the style, layout or feel of the event.

What is Strolling Magic, mind reading and mentalism

Strolling magic, mind reading and mentalism close-up is performed for small groups and individuals weather they are seated at table or walking around during a cocktail hour or reception. Your guest will see money transform from ones to hundreds, object just vanish from their hands, their thoughts read and so much more as I move seamlessly through the group entertaining, amusing and amazing them leaving them with that sense of wonder that only a true seasoned performer can.

Is A Strolling Magic, mindreading and mentalsim Right for My Venue?

I’ve performed my magic, mindreading and mentalism everywhere from private yachts, planes, hospitality suites to more intimate dining and VIP events.

How Much Strolling Magic, mindreading and mentalism Do I Need?

To ensure that everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy the entertainment a good rule or gauge would be one hour per 75 people. So you could go by the hour or simply do

How good are you?

I’ve won many awards for magic, mindreading and mentalism. Having performed for the who’s who of Hollywood and fortune 500 and 100 companies I have the skills to wow the most critical thinkers and minds.

Banquet Magic, mindreading and mentalism

Leave a Big Impression:

The banquet show is designed to entertain audiences from 50 to 5000. Fast paced, comedic Magic, Mindreading and mentalism show will leave a lasting impression on your group.

Tell Me more about the show

The show is a fusion of magic, mindreading and mentalism with a comedic twist. Not only will your guests be astonished as thoughts are plucked from their mind, ropes magically melt together, the entire audience is actively engaged throughout the entire show and best of all this show is highly interactive. Which means lots of volunteers are brought up to assist. One of your guest will become the “magician”, others will have their minds read and so much more.

Best of all you can actually choose those volunteers and make it an extra special time as you witness International magic, mindreading and mentalist Richard Steele wow your group!
Your guest will thank you for the perfect event!